About us

Plain and simple, we’re an experienced team of professional writers and editors who have done it all – from our own personal blogs to working for agencies to freelancing. Time and time again, we’ve found that there is often a stark disconnect between search engine optimized content and quality content, with many companies choosing one over the other. We marry the two.

Quality Content + Targeted SEO

Ensuring blogs are search engine optimized is crucial to any marketing strategy, but that’s only one component. Once someone is on your site, you’ll need to prove your worth with quality, actionable content. With our knowledge and expertise, we ensure you have consistent, search engine optimized, valuable content to not only drive traffic to your site, but keep them there.

Our Team

Founder & CEO


Hi! I’m Sarah–lover of travel, too much coffee, running, wine, animals, and my kid… she’s pretty awesome. I’ve been a professional writer and editor for over 7 years. The thought of missing a deadline gives me heart palpitations, the em-dash is my jam (obviously), I loathe fluff, and truly believe bullet points make the world a better place. 

If you ever want to have an in-depth conversation about SEO, The Golden Girls, what you ate at that restaurant last night, the US’s severely lacking maternity leave policies, or true crime, I’m so here for it.

Content Manager


Hey! I’m Sveta, and you can find me reading, jogging with my clumsy German Shepherd, lingering over sushi, or practicing guitar. While completing a PhD in classical reception, I tried my hand at freelance writing–and fell in love. The power of language inspires me and I’m convinced that strong writing shouldn’t be reserved for novels or subscription journals. Beautiful, well-crafted sentences are our birthright, which is why I aim to rewrite the Internet. 

If you’re into ancient Greek history, contemporary politics, or indie rock, let’s chat.

Senior Writer and Editor


I’m Ben—I’ve spent my whole life playing violin and composing, and I started writing as a diversion from practicing all day in a concrete basement in Cleveland. Language is my gig whether it’s letters or notes: we might save the world without them, but why bother?I also cast bronze swords and cook way too much. French, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese—all of it. You’re welcome at my table, but you’d better leave something on the plate for my three-legged Brittany Spaniel or she’s going to roast you.